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Discover The Secret To Saving Money And Eliminating Stress From Your Sydney Holiday While Having The Time Of Your Life

The See Sydney And Beyond Smartvisit Card gives you significant savings and flexibility to make your trip more enjoyable and fun.
Budgeting for your next holiday can be a little scary. As you look at all the incredible things you want to do, the costs soon start to add up and often what is supposed to be exciting soon turns into something stressful.
That is why you need to know about an absolute treasure that saves you money and eliminates stress from your holiday.
Imagine walking into an attraction hot and bothered after a long bus ride. You have a child hanging off one arm begging you to pick them up and another tugging at your other sleeve insisting you should give them the chocolate that they know you have stashed in your bag. You cross your fingers and plea with them to behave as you walk up to the counter to purchase your admission tickets.
You then realise that somehow you have to get your money out of your bag with two children attached to you. You smile weakly at the guy behind the counter as you fumble around. A few ‘Hurry Up Mums’ and ‘Can We Go In Yets’ later, you finally manage to dig out your wallet. To your disgust (but perhaps not to your surprise) there’s a toffee stuck to it! You’re too embarrassed to look at the guy behind the counter but you can feel his amused expression looking at you.
You pull a few notes out of your wallet? Is that enough? You still haven’t gotten used to this Australian money! The guy behind the counter fidgets with his pen while he waits patiently for you to slowly count out the right amount. Meanwhile, your kids are getting bored. One has dived head first into your bag looking for that chocolate. You let her be. At least she is being quiet. The other one however is trying to run after a bird. You grab his hand and try to continue counting your money as he squirms and tries to pull away.
You feel your face turning red. You just want to get inside. You push some money towards the guy behind the counter hoping he’ll sort it out for you. To you relief, it’s enough and you are issued with your tickets. You thank him for his patience and walk in. Okay, you now have one kid absolutely covered in chocolate, but at least you’ve made it in the doors!
Sound familiar? Even if you don’t have children, we’ve all been in situations like this where we have felt embarrassed and stressed. But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Instead of having to fumble around trying to find cash or credit cards to pay your entrance fee, imagine simply swiping your card and walking through knowing your visit has cost you a lot less than the poor guy standing in line behind you. There’s no hassle and no stress. You are relaxed and excited about your visit.
This is the difference the See Sydney and Beyond Smartvisit Card can make to your vacation.
Want to know how it will save you money? Keep reading and I’ll explain.
The See Sydney and Beyond Smartvisit Card gives you free entrance to over 40 top attractions throughout Sydney and the Blue Mountains as well as discounts and special offers at many others.
The Attractions
The See Sydney and Beyond Smartvisit Card caters for everyone by offering a wide variety of attractions to suit all interests and age groups. Attractions include harbour cruises, sightseeing tours, historic homes, world class museums, wildlife parks and many more unique and memorable experiences.
Over 30 of the attractions specifically cater for families and children so there is no need to worry about trying to keep the kids entertained.
The Smartvisit Card Gives You Peace Of Mind
You are in control!
With so much to choose from, you can plan your itinerary to suit you. You can travel on your own time. There are no schedules, no early morning starts (unless you want them) and no rushing about. You can do what you want, when you want and for as long as you want while still enjoying the savings normally only available when travelling with a large tour group.
Plus, you don’t have to worry about carrying around large amounts of cash or credit cards to pay your entrance fees.
Smartvisit Cards are available for 2, 3 or 7 days. Prices start at $129 Au for a 2 day card for adults and $75 Au for children.
Every Smartvisit Card order comes with a 128 page colour guidebook filled with loads of information on every participating attraction, restaurant and shop to help you plan your holiday and get the most out of your Smartvisit Card. It also makes a great souvenir of your trip.
Will A Smartvisit Card Really Save You Money?
The simple answer is an emphatic yes! There are over $750 worth of entry fees included with your card as well as other special offers and discounts. But how much you save is really up to you.
The more you use your Smartvisit Card, the more you will save. Let’s compare two sample itineraries so that you can see the savings for yourself.
Itinerary #1:
Day 1 – Half day sightseeing tour of Sydney and Manly, Jet Cruiser.
Day 2 – Walking tour of the Sydney Opera House, Taronga Park Zoo.
Entrance costs without a Smartvisit Card: $167 Au
Cost of 2 Day Smartvisit Card: $129 Au
Total Savings: $38 Au per person
Itinerary #2:
Day 1 – Half day sightseeing tour of Sydney and Manly, Jet Cruiser, Sydney Tower and Oztrek.
Day 2 – Walking tour of the Sydney Opera House, Taronga Park Zoo.
Day 3 – Walking tour of The Rocks, Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout.
Day 4 – Elizabeth Farm, Telstra Stadium Tour.
Day 5 – Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney Aquarium.
Day 6 – Blue Mountains Explorer Bus, Scenic World.
Day 7 – Walking tour of the Queen Victoria Building, Hyde Park Barracks Museum.
Entrance costs without a Smartvisit Card: $366 Au
Cost of 7 Day Smartvisit Card: $219 Au
Total Savings: $147 Au per person
Neither itinerary is jam-packed and neither itinerary takes into account additional dining and shopping discounts offered with your Smartvisit Card. And yet Itinerary #1 saves you $38 Au per person over only two days while Itinerary #2 saves you a huge $147 Au per person.
What would an additional $147 Au per person in your wallet mean for your vacation?
You Can Save on Transport Too!
The See Sydney and Beyond Smartvisit Card recognises the costs of getting around a new city can be distracting and burn a hole in your wallet. So, they offer an optional upgrade to your card that gives you unlimited access to the Sydney metropolitan public transport system including buses, trains and ferries. You won’t have to worry about the rising costs of getting from one attraction to the next or whether you have the right change for your ticket. Simply swipe your card and you will find moving around a breeze.
Please note: Transport to the Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park will attract a small additional fee.
These Smartvisit Cards Are Awesome! Where Do I Get One?
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